Slideshow about AVATT


I just posted on slideshare a slideshow about AVATT that I did a few months ago. Unfortunately their viewer has poor support for LaTeX/Beamer slideshows like this one, but you can download it for better quality.


2 thoughts on “Slideshow about AVATT

  1. Hi Cristi. SInce this is your last post about AVATT/OpenVZ and also the links to your university are no longer working, I wonder what the latest status on this project is. Thank you very much!

    • Hello,

      Thanks for your interest.

      I stopped working on it a few years ago, but you could take it where I left of, the sources are still there on and you should be able to build it with the instructions from

      Let me know if you need any help, of if it doesn’t build, if you’re really interested to revive this thing I might join you as well.


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